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C6 Corvette Coupe Glow Plate
This wind restrictor was designed to wow spectators and provide functionality for drivers at the same time. The all new wind restrictor for the C6 Coupe, Grand Sport Coupe, Z06 and ZR1 is a custom designed acrylite-glass partition that serves as a trunk divider by day, and show stopper by night! The wind restrictor will create a partition that will keep trunk items from falling through into the cabin when making those quick stops. It will also reduce wind noise in the cockpit of the Corvettes with removable roofs when driving at highway speeds with the top removed.

Add on Accessories Available.

Extreme Lighting Kit (ELK) - $129.00
The ELK is a brand new upgraded option for the Windrestrictor® It allows the driver to utilize a remote control to choose between multiple colors of illumination for the product at any given time. There are several static, single color options as well as a few different “fading” options and cool effects all from the push of a button. This is the perfect option for car shows! Also, perhaps the best feature of this package is the remote on/off switch where you can turn on or off the unit at any time with the press of a button.

Glow Module - $99.00
The Glow Module will work perfectly with the ELK “Color Changing” kit.
Light Mode, 1st position. This position will allow the you to have the Windrestrictor® lit up at any desired intensity with head light/running light power. It is constant and the intensity is only determined by the slider on module. Brake pedal will not affect in any way.
Show Mode, Battery Power 2nd position. This is the perfect mode for evening car shows or showing your Windrestrictor off while parked. It will not drain the car battery in any way. Intensity is determined by the slider on module.
Ghost Mode, 3rd position. There will be no lighting to windrestrictor while driving. Whenever the brake pedal is activated then released the Windrestrictor® will produce a bloom in full 12V power and then fade out in a ghost effect.
Brake Mode, 4th position. Intensity while driving is determined by slider on module. We recommend having the slider set to a mid level intensity. When brake pedal is activated Windrestrictor® lighting will kick up to FULL 12V intensity along with your brake lights turning the Windrestrictor into a third brake light effect. When the brake pedal is released intensity will go back down to slider setting. If you set the slider to zero, no light will be present when driving, only when you brake.
Ghost PLUS + Mode, 5th position. While driving, slider determines the lighting intensity. We recommend having the slider set to a mid level intensity so that you can see the intensity change good when you activate your brakes. When brakes are applied, lighting will kick up to FULL 12V intensity with brake lights, when pedal is released ghost function allows intensity slowly fade all the way off, then slowly fade back to predetermined slider intensity setting.
OFF, 6th position. Windrestrictor® will produce no lighting at any time.

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