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Historic Flint Bricks.

The GM Assembly Plant where the 300 1953 Corvettes were made in Flint, Michigan was razed in 2003.  Thanks to General Motors, we have obtained the bricks to use as a fundraiser for the building addition. The preserved bricks have been cleaned, and these historic pieces of the 1953 Corvette’s heritage are now available for Corvette enthusiasts to own.  These unique bricks are offered with an engraved sequence numbered plate and certificate of authenticity.

Museum members can order one of these historic bricks for $100 and can even select a special numbered brick up to five (5) digits. Non-members may order a special numbered brick for $150 and will also receive a one-year complimentary individual membership to the NCM. Check below for brick numbers already taken. For non-members, the Museum can also randomly select a number for you to be engraved on your brick. The donation amount for this brick is $100, and the special "free" Individual Membership offer does not apply to this purchase.

Bricks may also be ordered with an additional personalized plate for a friend or family member to commemorate a special occasion such as “Happy Birthday 2006” or Happy Anniversary 2006” for no additional cost. Corvette clubs members can even purchase a historic Flint brick and recognize their club affiliation with a plate showcasing their Corvette club name, or you can commemorate your attendance at any of our 2005 events with a plate to mark the occasion. These historic bricks make a wonderful gift to a family member or friend and can be personalized in many ways to recognize the Corvette enthusiast in your life. These special plates are limited to a maximum of five lines - 20 characters per line.

Special brick numbers are available on a first come, first serve basis, and requests will be filled in the order they are received. Requested numbers can be submitted up to 5 digits (up to 45000). The personalized plate will be added to your order upon request. Please note this special personalization information when completing your order.

All donations for the Flint bricks are tax deductible as allowed by law.  Order both your special numbered and NCM assigned numbered Flint brick below. Orders for special numbered bricks or bricks with a personalized plate will be shipped in four to six weeks. NCM assigned numbered bricks without a personalized plate will be shipped in one to two weeks.

For Bricks on the Flint Brick Wall - Click here


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